Agenda Maximum

5 days from now, I will ask for your vote.

My fellow 8th Congressional District Delegates (covering part of Fairfax County, Arlington, and Alexandria) will choose the best 3 people to represent our district at the State Central Committee (SCC) of the Republican Party of Virginia.

This is not a popularity contest. In fact, it might seem trivial, "inside baseball" kind of post -- and I urge you to reconsider the importance of the SCC -- and thus, its members.

As the governing body of the Party, SCC determines the Party Plan, sets rules for conduct of electoral contests, allocates funding, and directs the overall mission - vision - and values of the Republican Party of Virginia.

And frankly, our Party's plan needs to taken off the shelf, dusted off, re-examined, and maybe even shredded.

It's time for a real change. Let's dispense with the platitudes, let's stop doubling down on the methods and processes of yesterday, because they are failing our Party, our community, and our children.

The purpose of having a political party organization is to win elections. Agree?

If so, I warn you: if i am elected, I will call upon all of us Republicans in Virginia, and especially in the 8th, to change our ways if we actually want to start winning. Here's how:

  1. Message. The Republican Party needs to clearly articulate its vision and its goals. What do we stand for? If we cannot explain that, we will lose. If we cannot explain that to someone who is not already a Republican, we deserve to lose. Not everyone will agree with our message, but we must galvanize our leaders, activists, and grassroots along the most important values of the party. The rest will fall away, lessening inter-party debates of who is and isn't a "real" Republican.

  2. Coordination. The District Committee, the Unit Committees, the 5 Virginia Federation of Republican Women's Clubs in this District, the Young Republicans, and the College Republicans need to work together. Once goals are identified, let's actually pursue them in a controlled, accountable fashion and help each other, to help us all. Additionally, we must make a real effort to collaborate with groups that should have a logical allegiance to the GOP because of our common priorities (the business community, religious organizations, first generation American communities, parents).

  3. Meaningful, Consistent Outreach. Talking to other Republicans is great for morale, but it isn't getting us anywhere. Finding a few decimal points on the margins is not going to get us out of a -16% hole in this Congressional District. We need to knock on EVERY door!

  4. Accountability. We need to be present, loud, and persistent at town halls, Board of Supervisors hearings, Council meetings, and open house nights for our state, local, and federal government officials. Holding elected officials (Republican and Democrat) accountable means showing up, doing our research, asking tough questions. The role of an SCC member doesn't only consist of 4-5 statewide meetings a year, that's just the beginning. We need to lead from the front in raising issues that concern us all.

That's a tall order; I expect that it will take months, maybe even longer, to implement a plan of action. We need to start somewhere -- and we need the Party's support to accomplish our goals. I will be a loud, persistent advocate for the "Occupied Virginia" here in the 8th, calling on RPV, RNC, and our Republican leaders to invest in the battlegrounds because we cannot win by retreating and conceding.

it's time to win back Virginia. I, along with Robert Kenyon and Paul Blumstein, hope to have your support, as the future of our Republic depends on it.