Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

The lines are drawn, the sides are firmly entrenched, and it's Republican-on-Republican battle time again. And we are all collectively wasting our breath, our sleep, and our carefully cultivated email lists.

Convention vs. primary?

I mean, REALLY!?

The internal process is the most important thing we have to decide?

I submt to you: IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Don't get me wrong, certainly have an opinion on the matter (I'll share it in another post). However, the reason I'm running for State Central is that we need to fix many more pressing problems with the leadership of the party than a quadrennial process of selecting statewide nominees. In fact, if we fix those things, the method of selecting a winning nominee will fall into place logically.

Here is a fundamental problem with the current state of the Northern Virginia Republican organization:

There's something missing right in the center - Courageous, visionary leadership.

We need a party organization that not only represents our views, but is willing to take risks and step out on a limb and fight for our ideals and actually develop and drive a message to attract new voters, new volunteers, new activists.

It's not enough that we commiserate with the fellow Republicans at monthly meetings, resigned to accept that "Virginia is turning Blue and there's nothing we can do about it." Because if that's true - let's just stop wasting our collective time, effort, and money and just resign ourselves to a Clinton Presidency and a Northam governorship. But at a time when Republicans control more state governorships and legislatures than ever - why is Virginia thwarting the trend? I have to lay the blame at our collective feet. We aren't doing our job of educating, motivating, turning out, and driving results.

We need State Central Committee members that are willing to do more than just drive to Richmond and commit to voting a certain way on one certain issue 4 times a year. That's not nearly enough to stem the tide, turn things around, and set us on a winning track.

We need state leadership that is willing to roll up the sleeves, make tough decisions, identify ways to change our party operations and implement those changes to:

1. Craft a message that helps us grow the party

2. Share that message outside our own walls and beyond our comfort zone

3. Challenge our elected officials - Democrats and Republicans - on issues that are important to us, as outlined in the Republican creed, and hold them accountable. This includes turning out to mass meetings and townhalls, appearing at Congressional and General Assembly hearings, writing letters, making phonecalls, putting pressure, and making ourselves heard

4. Reconsider the usual ways of doing business, if they aren't working, even if "we've always done it that way"

5. Recruit competent candidates for every possible election

6. SUPPORT every endorsed candidate with effective resources.

I am proud to say that I am running for State Central Committee along with two fellow Republicans that have been in the trenches. Robert Kenyon and Paul Blumstein are seasoned volunteers, who worked hard for Northern Virginia Republican causes and candidates for many years. We have done the work, worn out the shoes, burned through our phone minutes, and got plenty of doors slammed in our faces. We have also talked to voters who were surprised and heartened to see a Republican for the first time in many years at their door. We cannot let YEARS go by again. We need to win now, to build momentum for the future.

We hope to earn your support, and keep fighting for our common, big picture cause that is the survival and victory of the Republican Party in Virginia.