What is State Central, and Why Should You Care?

Simply put, the State Central Committee (SCC) is the Board of Directors for the Republican Party of Virginia.

It is the governing body that sets the operating rules for how Virginia's Republican Party operates. It's responsible for fundraising to assist Republican candidates throughout the Commonwealth. SCC determines the nominating methods. SCC's district committees, corresponding to Congressional districts, manage many of the local functions of conducting political activity and activism, coordinating get-out-the-vote and election efforts.

How does it affect you? As a Republican voter, SCC is your governing body. You have a vested interest in ensuring that the rules are fair, that the activities of the Party at all levels are in alignment with our goal and purpose of getting Republicans elected to offie at all levels.

Therefore, it is essential that the SCC function with integrity, set honorable rules and abide by them; create long-term priorities and enact plans to elect Republicans to office in Virginia, and put forth serious effort of mustering such efforts every year, every election, in every district.