What am I going to do about it?

We need a wake-up call.

Actually, we need to listen to the blaring warnings that have been sounding for years. Virginia is officially a swing "purple" state. we have a Democrat governor who openly admits to using our Commonwealth as a stepping stone to a cabinet position in a Democrat White House.

The results are evident in our bank accounts, our property rights, our individual liberties, the dreadful condition of our education system, the tragic state of our roads and public transportation systems.

At a time when more and more state legislatures are turning Red, Virginia is proudly sinking lower by every standard of education, economic development, quality of life, job growth, tax burden.

And we're not even showing up to fight.

The Republican Party of Virginia cannot afford to fade quietly into irrelevance. Our leaders can't continue sit on the sidelines waiting for people to come to their senses and 'turn' Republican.

We MUST put in the work.

As a State Central Committee Member, my goal is to take the message beyond the 'choir'. We must engage with the community at large. We must finesse our message, spread it far and wide, connect with voters and communities, and share the basic tenets of liberty, sound economic policy, and government accountability.

Here are some concrete examples of the work that we must do, not for the short-term gain of a possible 2016 victory, but for the long aul of building our party and positioning us to win in years to come:

  • study the rulebooks, including (especially) the Lenin / Alinsky principles of public engagement. We must understand the adversary's tactics if we hope to be successful in defeating them

  • Create a viable message that resonates with the independents, the moderate Democrats, and the occasional Republicans - to not just persuade them, but motivate them

  • Attend public meetings with elected officials. En masse, well prepared, with researched questions (school board meetings, town halls, legislative days)

  • Have a solid presence at community events, with take-aways, specific messaging that resonates.

  • Plan on supporting every endorsed candidate, at every level, to ensure that they have a chance, and to build a foundation of future involvement and grassroots

  • Coordinate campaigns, local, regional, county, and associated organizations to work together in support of our candidates, with the intent of winning elections

If we don't plan on winning, we will contiue to lose - and the result of that is too catastrophic to contemplate.