Defining the Problem...

I am tired of losing. Plain and simple.

I think I speak for many candidates who tried their very best, put forth tremendous efforts, sacrificed precious family moments, took time off work, called in every favor, wore out many pairs of shoes..

and we lost.


Contrary to the sentiments of some in the part leadership who believe we pulled off a big coup against Gov. McAuliffe, Michael Bloomberg, their millions, and their minions...

All we managed to do was barely hang on, bu the skin of our teeth, to a 1-member thin majority in the Senate - a majority that is meaningless when some of our so-called senior leadership abandon ship and vote with the Democrats against our Constitutional liberties. But I digress.

Party leaders in Northern Virginia were sympathetic to our plight. With pearls of wisdom like "If you want to win, move" and "I think it's important to show the Democrats that we are here" - the plight of the 8th District Repubican is almost comedic... until you realize the tragic results.

What is at stake?

Our children's future.

Our businesses.

Our liberties.

Our federal and state governments' accountability.

If we don't fight, who will protect us from mounting taxes, ever-growing debt, short-sighted unconstitutional burdens that grow higher and higher?

What is the Republican Party going to do about it? Other than kvetch about "Virginia is turning Blue". Baloney. We are abdicating the fight, we are snatching defeat out of victory's hand.

Do we have the right ideas? Absolutely, unequivocably, YES. The Republican solution is better in the long term for our country.

Do we have the right message? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Enough whining in our internal meetings that the Democrats are going to keep winning. Enough inside baseball. Enough wasting time rehashing the same issues year after year - while the Democrats are busy running away with general elections!